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Monday, March 29, 2010

Read this junk, i'll treat u a cup of coffee..

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If you guys follow this blog from the beginning * there is one* where that time i'm using the lamest layout ever *i'm starting feel cool rite now*..u will notice I write down my purposes of opening this blog is to find two of my very old bestfriends during my childhood
days..Yup, I really meant it guys.I really want to find them : Ahmad Sahil b Ahmad Adri and Che Mohd Zafri..

I didn't plan to post this entry until I found this picture while surfing the internet:

Yes..we call this friendship..

This guy, Che Mohd Zafri is my 1st friend i ever had.The 1st day i step up to school.I forgot who spoke to whom 1st, but really he is the coolest person i ever be honest, i'm very naughty boy on the planet far years back *boy,look who i turn into now guys!!* ..i like to chase the girl from behind and purposely grab their tudung and pull it until it lose from their head..hahaha~~ their fault also for not keep it proper on their head.So..the girl?of course they mad at me..but one thing for sure, Zafri is the one who will apologize to them behalf of mine.The next thing i know, the girl still can smile at me after what i've done to her..hehe..He just like my brother in school eventhough we're in the same age, the way he handle things, comforting me when i was sad, be my supporter everytime i join the school competition..everything was just too easy for him..he also smart in class u know..he won't let me behind and will try to keep me together with his pace. There once both of us arguing about something..i forgot the details but one thing i remember, i kick him on his leg and left him crying in pain! i feel the pain..coz i miss u pal..! the next day i know, he not come to class..not because he's sick..but because he's moving to another place!! his father work with the army, so he being posted to somewhere else and Zafri didn't tell me about that! maybe he was trying at someplace to inform me about his moving and stuffs, but i'm the one who just take things for granted.God gives me an amazing friend and i ruined it!!..God had punished me..I've not seen him for almost 12years..myb this is not long enough for some of you who's missing someone for 20years or more..i don't give a damn about least ur 'departure' moment ended with hugging and spirit words..but i've being left with my bestfriend with guilty, mistakes and the hardest part is love!..a friend's's ironic,but that's how the feeling merge itself. Somehow i mad at him for not letting me clearly know that he will be moving, but above all that, i blamed myself the most for not appreciate him when he was around. For God's sake, if i still have a chance to meet him again, there won't be anyone in this world would be happier as i am..I still believe that day will's only 2years of our friendship but i just felt i know him for my whole life.

Wait laa..!!

There's another 1 person i want to introduce here..he's my bestfriend during my primary school 2years later after i lost contact with Zafri.His name is Ahmad Sahil b Ahmad Adri..actually there r 3 of us merge in 1 group..haha,funny how it's sound,isn't it? We called ourself the 3D's dude..during that time, there was a very famous drama in tv about 3 bestfriend guys(DAN, DIN & DUN)..and we used their name to be our group name! ..So,there was it..Sahil= Dan, Me= Din and Paan= Dun..don't have to ask how closed we r bcoz u c how we even dare to change our name to fit ourself as one group.No one willing to do that with no reason unless ur nick name is TONG SAM PAH so u might wanna change ur name then.Me and paan didn't apart too far after each of us ended our primary school since we just live nearby and i still can meet him whenever i feel i want to lepak with him.Only that Sahil is the one who lost in track..use GPS oso cannot find him i tell u.To others, he is a shy,innocent,kind or anything synonym with 'budak baik' laa..yes he is..It's a miracle to c him talking with girls especially, and he's the one who become the imam for prayers and has the most beautiful voice when he recite the azan..*i'm not sure about now..hehe* sum up, he really a good guy, any girl out there who find urself really hard to find a religious mate, i suggest u to ask for his number from me now! hahaha~~ i still remember his lame jokes sometimes and a good friend will always laughed when your friend r trying to make a joke eventhough u know it's crap and lame and more yukss than,i play a role! *wink* 3 of us are the prefect in school and we always can go out for break earlier than other students so anytime, anywhere DAN DIN DUN will stick together *except if 1 of us want to pee, we let he settled by himself*. So, 10 years i lost track on him, and finally God answering my prayer.. a beautiful sunday on 28march 2010 suddenly a guy with name AHMAD SAHIL was appear in my message box.I knew it was him earlier before i click to open the message..yes! i'm not wrong..who else in this world with that weird name who i ever know except him..tears suddenly begin to drop out from my eyes but i manage to control it..but the fact that i'm truly happy at that time r positive! i don't expect to hear from him bcoz what i'm expected is he's the one who get to hear from me..! So girls, that's why i mention u cn ask his number from me bcoz i've found him now! hahaha~~

Well, this bunch of story might seems meaningless for those of you who think that u don't have someone that u can call a friend..but i want to ask u something..Are you sure you don't have a friend??or maybe you just too ignorant to appreciate someone who cares about you..learn from my mistakes here because u wouldn't know where or when u might have a chance to meet the same person again..if you're lucky u will, but if u're not..serve u right!

p/s: Oh sorry...the title actually for my next post!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chalon Menantu

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Apasal aku tiba2 mereng guna bahasa tahun 50-an ni?

Wehh korang..sape kata zaman sekarang semuanya gunakan teknologi??..nah, baca menatang kat bawah ni..:

Tunggu apalagi??
kpd para 'andartu' mahupun 'andalusia' sekalian..silalah topup sekarang dan teponlah nombor yg tertera ya..!!
kpd En Zainudin n Kak Puteri tersebut, korg kena bayar royalti kat aku..dah tolong promote ni~~

p/s : kau nak buat benda baik..apasal nak malu??

Friday, March 26, 2010

This Award Goes To.....

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Assalamualaikum and hello guys!!..first of all, thanks to fahmi n islah b'coz willing to choose this blog to receive this award..tadaaaa!!

FYI, for me to get this award, I should follow some rules and here it goes:

I should select 15 most promising blogger to accept this award from me!!'s fun isn't it??
So, the blog that listed below r those that i never miss to read n i really enjoyed when i read them...seriously, if i've been given the chance to choose how many blog that i want, i will listed all the blogs that i'd linked here, unfortunately the limit only 15 maa..:((

But follow this step before you b able to get this award okayy:

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award :

2. pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award

4. State 7 things about yourself

So, here my winners :








Ayub J:



and here are more:

U guys really want to know 7 things about me kaa??
1) Hate sayur sawi!!
2) Loveeess badminton n swimming very much
3) Currently enjoying 'The Big Bang Theory' Tv's awesome!!
4) Love black and white when its come to the clothes..
5) Sucks in remembering things..i even not remember my house address yet!!
6) Prefer CIMB than Maybank (u cannot withdraw RM 10 notes using maybank atm..SHIT!!)
7) I don't like people sleep with pyjamas..this wear is crap!

Done! Ok, so..congratz to all the listed blogs and please la..don't stop blogging after what i've done here okay??

Will write again soon~~

p/s: Happy holidays to all Curtinians!!! yiahooo~~

Friday, March 19, 2010

Antonim untuk 'Jawapan'

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siapa ada soalan?
soalan untuk cikgu..
soalan untuk mama..
soalan untuk papa..
soalan untuk kawan..
soalan untuk Tuhan..

soalan membuktikan kau manusia biasa
yang kerap dibebani beban
bukan sebab kau bebal
bukan juga sebab kau sengal

semua orang ada soalan
namun bukan semua boleh menyoal
tak kira kau penghuni kaki lima
tak kira kau kerani makan gaji
tak kira kau peguam handal bertaki
tak kira kau menteri dalam negeri

soalan selalu menimbulkan kontroversi
untuk santapan manusia si pendengar gosip
mengajar sesiapa yang berani
menghukum penghuni jajahan Tuhan
biar tahu asal kurniaan

kau bukan pembuat soalan
kau cuma mencari jawapan
tak perlu terburu-buru
nanti kau lupa apa yang perlu

ramai bagi soalan pelik
kenapa aku pilih dunia aku
jawapanku mudah
kerana dunia aku dunia terbalik
kau suka apa yang aku benci
kau ingat apa yang aku lupa
kau reka apa yang aku cipta


jangan bertanya lagi
aku pun tak kenal siapa aku
kau apatah lagi
semua soalan kau itu
ringkaskan supaya tak meleret
sebab aku lebih faham bahasa mudah

p/s: aku ada satu soalan..korang semua takda keja lain ke drp baca menda ni??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

sejernih kasih (episod 8)

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"Cukup tu angah..!!kau nak bagi mati budak ni ke..?"bentak along apabila melihat angah seperti orang yang sudah hilang akal itu.Dengan sekuat tenaganya,along menolak angah ke tepi.Boboy masih meraung menahan kesakitan.Dirinya dirasakan tidak mampu untuk bangun."Biar aku ajar budak ni along..kau tau tak apa yang budak gemuk ni buat kat adik-adik kita?..tau tak apa yang dia cakap pasal abah?!!"jerit angah,dia masih tidak puas hati.Mahu sahaja dia patah-patahkan tangan si Boboy kerana kebiadapannya selama ini.Dia mahu meneruskan sepakannya itu tetapi along segera menghalang."Dah la tu Ngah..jangan buat macamni..angah pun taukan kalau mak tau pasal ni mati kita nanti..along dah tau semuanya..Ucik yang bagitahu along..cukuplah tu,jom kita balik.."ujar along cuba untuk memujuk.Tangan angah ditariknya supaya segera mereka dapat beredar dari situ.Angah tidak dapat membuat apa-apa melainkan mengikut apa yang dikatakan oleh along.Angah tahu apa yang dikatakan along itu benar.Sekiranya Mak Zainun mengetahui tentang kejadian ini pasti dia akan berada dalam masalah besar.Tetapi walaubagaimanapun,angah tetap puas hati dapat 'mengajar' Boboy.Setelah dipujuk,kedua mereka pergi meninggalkan Boboy yang masih terbaring itu.Sebelum beredar,angah sempat memperingatkan Boboy agar tidak menganggu adik-adiknya lagi sekiranya tidak mahu pisang berbuah dua kali.Apabila kelibat angah dan along sudah tidak kelihatan lagi,Deli dan Jeli segera membantu Boboy untuk berdiri dengan mengangkatnya."Ah..jangan pegang aku..korang berdua memang tak guna..aku boleh bangun sendiri..baik korang berdua blah dari sini cepat sebelum korang pulak aku ajar..!!"marah Boboy kepada rakannya itu.Tanpa membantah,kedua mereka terus beredar dari situ sambil memandang antara satu sama lain.Boboy menyapu pakaiannya yang habis kotor terkena debu tanah itu.Seluruh anggota badannya dirasakan bisa."Aduh..sakitnya..nantilah kau anak penagih..aku report sama mak aku..kau taulah nanti langit tu tinggi ke rendah.."ujar Boboy sendirian sambil menguatkan dirinya untuk mengayuh basikal untuk pulang tetapi nyata usahanya itu gagal.Dia tidak mampu untuk mengayuh basikal kerana kedua-dua kakinya terasa amat lemah,lantas disorongnya sahaja basikal itu.


"Wah,sedapnya mak masak hari ni..betul-betul special ni mak.."puji Ucik apabila melihat ayam kari terhidang dihadapannya."Haah..memang mak masak special untuk Ucik ni sebab Ucik dah tolong mak jualkan kuih hari tu..jadi,ini sebagai tanda terima kasih mak pada anak mak ni..kalau Ucik selalu dapat tolong Kak Laila jual kuih,tiap-tiap hari mak boleh masak yang special-special tau..mana yang lain?pergi panggil Ucu dengan abang-abang lekas..nanti sejuk pulak makanan ni".Kata Mak Zainun kepada Ucik yang masih lagi menghidu-hidu makanan dihadapannya.Beberapa minit berselang,kesemua mereka sudahpun siap bersila dihadapan pinggan masing-masing.Dapur yang cuma berlantaikan papan tua itu masih mampu untuk menampung mereka sekeluarga untuk makan bersama-sama."Ucik,baca doa.."Ujar Along.Ucik hanya menurut.Memang sudah tugasnya untuk membaca doa setiap kali menjamu selera bersama.Laila pula sibuk menyenduk nasi untuk kesemua mereka dengan cermat.Malam itu tiada sebarang suara kedengaran memecah kesunyian mereka sekeluarga menjamu selera.Angah yang biasanya tidak suka dengan keadaan itu hanya membiarkan sahaja.Tiada apa yang perlu dicakapkan barangkali."Assalamualaikum..Kak Nun..oh Kak Nun..".Tiba-tiba satu sahutan daripada luar mengejutkan mereka sekeluarga.Mak Zainun tersentak.Hampir-hampir makanan yang baru ingin disuap ke mulut itu tercampak dari tangannya."Siapa lah tu agaknya..".Mak Zainun bingkas bangun dari tempat duduknya.Tidak mahu orang diluar ternanti-nanti.Dengan tangan yang tidak sempat dicuci,Mak Zainun menyelak engsel pintu dengan hati-hati."Waalaikumussalam....Oh..Liah,kau rupanya..terperanjat akak,naiklah atas,jemput makan sekali..akak dengan budak-budak tengah makan malam ni..Hah,Boboy pun ada sekali,naiklah rumah makcik nak.."Sahut Mak Zainun sejurus pintu dilapangkan.Liah dan anaknya si Boboy rupanya yang datang ke rumahnya.Mak Zainun mula mengesyaki sesuatu kerana Liah memang jarang datang ke rumahnya sebelum ini lebih-lebih lagi pada waktu-waktu begini.Mesti ada sesuatu yang telah berlaku.Dari riak wajah Liah dan Boboy,mereka bukan datang untuk melawat."Hmm..takpelah kak,saya datang ni pun sekejap je..macamnilah,Liah ni tak suka besarkan benda-benda kecik ni kak,tapi cuba akak tengok betul-betul kat anak saya,si Boboy ni.."Mak Zainun menapak menuruni anak tangga untuk merapati Boboy.Muka Boboy penuh dengan kesan lebam dan luka kecil.Jarinya pula berbalut kain putih.Mak Zainun tergamam."Ya Allah,apa dah jadi dengan Boboy?kenapa muka lebam-lebam ni?apa sebenarnya dah jadi ni Liah?"Mak Zainun bertanya.Cuba untuk mendapatkan kepastian."Akak jangan tanya saya,akak tanya anak akak tu..angah..apa dia dah buat kat Boboy ni ha..dah pandai nak jadi samseng kat kampung ni sampai anak orang semua dia nak nasib baik anak saya kak..kalau anak orang lain,dah lama si angah tu dah kena masuk lokap tau.."balas Liah dengan nada marah.Mukanya sinis memandang Mak Zainun.Mata Mak Zainun pula mula bergenang.Dia tidak percaya angah tergamak melakukan perkara sebegitu."Angah..dengar tak tu..kat depan tu..Mak boboy datanglah.."Bisik Ucik ke telinga angah."Angah tau...dahlah,Ucik makan je..tak baik curi dengar orang tua-tua tengah bercakap"Ujar angah,namun telinganya sudah dapat menangkap apa yang sedang berlaku.Di dalam hatinya,angah sudah dapat menduga kejadian ini pasti akan berlaku.Tapi hatinya masih lagi tenang kerana dia ada alasan kukuh mengapa dia bertindak begitu terhadap Boboy."Akak mintak maaf ye Liah..Boboy,mak cik minta maaf ya..angah tak sengaja buat macamtu kat Boboy agaknya..nanti taulah makcik nak ajar angah macamana.Boboy jangan risau.Lepas ni dia takkan berani buat macamtu kat Boboy lagi.."Ujar Mak Zainun dengan nada kesal dan merayu.Boboy tidak langsung memandang wajah Mak Zainun yang berkali-kali meminta maaf daripadanya itu.Baginya,perempuan dihadapannya itu memang seharusnya rasa bersalah dengan apa yang telah terjadi.Bagi Boboy,bukan dia yang memulakan segala apa yang telah berlaku."Hmm,oklah,kali ni Boboy maafkan,tapi kalau lain kali angah kacau Boboy,tengoklah...Boboy saja je taknak lawan dia tadi sebab Boboy tak suka gaduh-gaduh ni..Boboy ikut cakap Mak.."Balas Boboy dengan nada berpura-pura baik.Dia melirikkan senyuman ke arah ibunya selepas menghabiskan kata-katanya itu.Liah pula yang bangga dengan kata-kata yang diluahkan oleh Boboy itu terus mengusap kepala anaknya.Dihadapannya,Boboy memang seperti anak yang sangat baik dan sopan tanpa dia tahu sikap anaknya diluar penglihatannya."Dahla tu Boboy,jom kita balik..lambat dah kita ni..kata Boboy nak kasut bola baru kan?nanti tutup pulak kedai kat bandar tu.."Ujar Liah seakan-akan memanjakan seorang anak yang baru berusia 5 tahun."Yeah!kasut bola..hmm,jom-jom.."Sorak Boboy sambil terkinja-kinja."Oklah kak,saya balik dulu..jangan lupa nasihatkan anak-anak akak semua tu ya..saya taknak kejadian ni berulang..assalamualaikum.."Ujar Liah lalu menarik tangan Boboy untuk meninggalkan perkarangan teratak buruk Mak Zainun itu."Waalaikumussalam.."balas Mak Zainun sambil melihat kedua anak-beranak itu berlalu.Hati Mak Zainun kali ini benar-benar hancur.Dirasakannya seperti dia baru sahaja dianggap tidak tahu mendidik anak.Dia benar-benar kesal.Dengan perlahan kakinya menapak naik semula kerumahnya.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A lame clock sound

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Tik..tok..tik..tok..after a week the new semester has started and my classes begin supremely BOoRING.Even with only 3units I still got clashes with my classes..nice job Curtin!

Stupid things remain:

  • The thick smoke!..SHITTT..I really want to know who's the dumbest among the dumbass ppl that making it. I wonder y no one amongst the local resident in Senadin report this issue to ADUAN RAKYAT bcoz it seems to me like all the problems that caught into their attention(media) will be entertained faster n easier by the authority..well,that's how it works nowadays rite?Or mayb local ppl here r reaaaalllyyy loves to see this place covered with those fumes so they really feel like they're live at overseas.MORON!!

  • Well,this Uni is getting over my nerves again..this time they said i'm not enrolling with 1 of my unit so i have to re-enroll once again..wadefakwithurass??!! do u know how finical the procedure can be? well, easy dude..i just need to fill up the bloody form and make appointment with our beloved HOD who is always not at his desk! i was like finding a zebra among the zebras!..and not to mention how annoyed of me when he ask y i do this in last minutes while I just only can pretend that all of this was my fault..#%^@^!

  • Yeah..from now on i'm just a visitor when entering Curtin Village,not as the resident anymore..Well, now i know how pissed off a visitor like me when entering Curtin Village and unintentionally late from getting out.Well,new semester with new meeting..common isn't it?so,i'd a meeting(A-PLUS) regarding our upcoming event and the meeting started quite late and finished pass 10pm.So,when I reached the guard house with the other 'outsiders',we need to fill up this offense form in charged of coming out late.So, nothing to scare about n we just fill it and explain y we r late..MEETING not DATING! then,few days later..ahaa..a 'love' letter from housing department! need to explain it more?

Good things leave:

  • Sad more charming smile from Afiq,a funny laugh from Safiq,brotherly advice by Islah,nice friend like Sedut and pleasing 'sound' by Syabil..All of 'em r the great seniors ever and i will definitely pray for their success.I heard some of them get employed by petronas already..well done guys!!

  • Village!! eventhough this is someplace u can compare with a prison or a 'cage' bcoz of its absurd way of protecting the residents,but i can't help from missing all of my friends over there.I can hear Mao's speaker from my room,Miqdad calls for prayers,cooking dinner with ajis n calling Aiman,Zureen or Jiha for midnight burgers..ahh hate this!

  • No more chance to sleep until noon like before despite not many morning classes but still my biological clock here a way differ from semenanjung.

Will write again..

p/s: Aim HD for all units this semester..u definitely can do it Jumasri!

Monday, March 1, 2010

15 movies i woudn't ever watched again!

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Here are my lists:

15.Get Smart

I watched this movie after i totally ran out of ideas what i'm gonna do at home..FML!yup,I understand very well that this movie is a comedy flick,tapi aku xboleh terima kebodohan jantan hero dalam movie ni.Lagi dungu drp mamat yg jadi hero dlm drama Kapten Kit tu.Lagi satu ada satu babak dalam citer ni yg diorang jatuh drp aeroplane n the heroin need to save this dumbass guy..they can even chattering very 'relax' masa tengah jatuh n siap ada last minit plan how they wanna save themself after their parachute berlubang n of course from earlier on, u know they would safe..hero n heroin nvr been dead btw.


Ok..2things i like about this movie: Bruce Wills run the lead actor and those idea about the future world gonna look like.But other than that it just nothing but rubbish!jalan cerita kalut mcm haram n terlalu banyak manusia robot yang mengelirukan.I know they wanna make this movie as tricky as possible but sorry Mr.Director(Jonathon Mostow) sbb lastly not until 15mins i bet u already can predict what the hero would experienced which is his wife was found dead sbb gatal sgt nak jadi robot jugak..sangatlah LAME!..kinda weird sebab Jonathan made such a good movie before like Terminator 3
Breakdown tapi movie yg satu ni betul2 out of pace lah..

13.Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL)

Yang ni kalau takda lompat2 dalam hutan,dalam air tak boleh ke?kenapa Hang Tuah perlu terlompat sini sana?dah mcm munyet terbang plak aku tengok.No doubt Tiara's acting so much matured in this film but kesian pulak sbb dia ni dahlah puteri,kena pulak main nyorok2 kt dlm hutan la,gua la,nasib tak pandai panjat pokok,kalo x,kt atas pokok pun dia tpaksa mnyorok kot.Adlin nampak kayu jugak dalam cerita overacting pun gak n 1 more thing cerita ni panjang sangat sampai aku rasa muak nk tengok!

12.Nur Dijiwa Harina dia drama yg paling aku sakit hati tengok ending dia.Ok,masa tgk iklan cerita ni,aku rasa its must b something nice to watch n there're message together with this flick kn..yeah,so aku pun tgklah sampai ke ending tiba2..harambabicelaka diadun secara sebati sbb ntah tiba2 watak ayah dia yg jahat suddenly jd baik tanpa alasan sbb klu korg tgk citer ni,ayh tiri budak ni mmg patut terima balasan sbb kejam sgt layan dia,tup2 lastly xde pape yg blaku,tibe2 jd baik plak.Watak mak dia yg bodoh dan typical scene malay movie here n there yg buatkn aku arghh!babi,igt nk layan smpi nangis,rupenye last2 tgelak..mak aku yg sentimental pn ckp menyesal tgk..

11.Cicakman 1

The very questionable for this movie is,amongst bunches of actors in malaysia y saiful apek was chosen to b our superhero?ye,aku tau this is comedy action pny movie n apek at that time known as pelawak no1 mesia but please la,The Hulk n Spiderman also can bring us to laugh but still their superhero r questionable by viewers n try u put Apek kt sblh
Tobey Maguire n Lou Ferrigno..still u can c how comparable they r(u knw wht i mean).Masa show trailer,bkn main lg aku tgk,lbih drp 500 efek CGI konon,but bila tgk movie dia,cam sampah..sama taraf ngan citer katun keluangman n chempiang.Rugi dowh duit beli tiket wayang nk tgk citer knonnye yg pertama di mesia ni,yela..yg pertama ada 2orang mamat kayu bodohcamsiput (ginger1 n ginger2) dan prof klon yg keje dia asyik gelak xtentu pasal.Sakit telinga aku!
Cicakman2 sumpah aku xtengok!


I'm a fan of horror movie flick n blieve me this story was the worst horror movie ever to watch.Well,i decided to watch this movie after i see this poster beside here b'coz its kinda well-portrayed doesnt it?tak sampai 10min aku dah naik fedup ngan citer ni..nasib masa aku xbanyak habis donlod citer ni sbb dpt pun dr kwn,kalo x,mesti rasa unworthy gilababi.Slow pace plus adegan2 yg konon2 nak kasi cuak,last2 kentut pun tsekat..kalau korg nak tgk jugak cerita ni,I wanna to say this "I've warn you!!"

9.Potret Mistik

Disebabkan filem ni la,aku dah tobat xnak tgk movie/drama/teater hantu yg ada kaitan dgn gambar potret.Kemeluatan aku tgk citer ni sama je dgn aku tgk citer Cermin.Tp citer tu xde dlm list aku sbb natasha hudson hot.kahkahkah.Back to this shitty story..well,as usual,diarahkan oleh sorg prof yg suka memartabatkn anak mami dan mamu..ppl mostly can predict how this movie will ended like bcoz there's always a pattern n pattern tu mcm corak carpet mudah luntur yg babu jual.Other than chasing n screaming yg xtentu hala in this movie,u also can c how an old lady can look soo much stronger than a muscular guy n i dont c the point y tht guy should all the way running from this mcik yg nmpak cam psiko pdahal ko blh je geletek org tua tu biar dia tgelak smpi mati..!aku cam confius giler dgn citer ni sbb aku rasa nk tgelak,tmaki,ttido dan tbaling pisau kt screen tv dlm satu masa,yes..that much expression!

8.Cinderella Story

Sumpah!..i accidentally watch this movie bcause i thought this cinderella was as sweet as the original cinderella.(i'm cute i know..)How much stupid that guy until he cant even get the hunch his cinderella and the bar lady is the same person?org buta pun blh perasan kot sbb suara dorg sama nak's different if tht lady change her voice when taking place as cinderella.emm,selain tu,mcm biasalah adegan romantik kegemaran mat salleh,menari kt dlm taman.dan2 ada pemain muzik plak lucky they r rite?dahla..malas nak ckp pasal citer bodoh ni lg..

7.Seri Dewi Malam

Aku jamin mesti ramai yang dah lupe pasal citer ni ia sangatlah tak best dan menyiat hati..tul x?a film about a guy whos his wife name Seri was in coma sbb apetah aku pun xingt,n he meet a blind girl(of course la nama dia Dewi,xkan Malam pulak kan..) who have power to communicate with ghost or spirit n kesudahannya,tiadalah kesudahan cerita mamat ni pulak jatuh cinta kt Dewi ni pulak..pastu ape yg jadi eh?ada sape yg ingt x?xsilap aku,aku tgk citer ni masa tayangan hari raya..

6.I know what you did last raya

Bagi aku semua filem senario after senario the movie smua mcm sampah!..komedi yg typical dan jln cerita mostly kena culik dgn penjahat.N dtglah 3 org anak muda ni yg ntah drp mana jadi savior..aduh,tlg la..n for me,out of their series,IKWYDLR ni yang paling bodoh skali...coz jln cerita of course kena culik n terlanggar kambing,tup2 dah kena ganggu..pastu org yg konon2 jahat rupa2nya baik n bniat nk tlg diorg..cliche isn't it?aku paaaaling benci lakonan si azlee..over n suka buat muka bodoh dia tu yg konon2nye lawak tu..korg xcaya,tgk sendirilah cerita ni..mmg tagline cerita ni kena dgn aku.."Pengalaman Lampau Menjadi Igauan" yela..sbb pengalaman tgk cerita ni,smpi skrg aku

Here my top 5 lists:

5.Dragonball Evolution

Apart from its really lousy graphic,a confusing and nonsense storyline this movie is nothing but junk.I hate the fact that i waiting for this movie to release like hell coz I c the teaser about this movie somewhere on paper n i was like WOW!..Dragonball is coming in 'real' instead of u only cn watch Dragonball Z(cartoon) in tv.It was 2 or 3 years back before this movie been released n they said the most killing part of making this movie is to create the green monster-King Piccolo in action.Huh..?WTH!..i tot The Hulk or Benn Grimm(Fantastic 4)
is the hardest character to be.I bet if u already watch this movie,u will agree with me..


Aku pun xtau mcamane aku boleh tertarik nak tgk citer ni..Kat wayang plak tu!baik aku beli tepung drp habis duit tgk citer ni,blh gak buat karipap,duit habis rm10 *klu xsilap* n rugi masa je.citer dahla meleret n annoying x kalo tgk org tua bercinta? bagai nak terbelah bumi kononnya cinta dorg ni..aduh,siap blushing2 lagi..geli bai..lagi satu sikit2 slowmo n ada selit background muzik mcm sial!

3.The Happening

OMGWTF! US pny movie cought into my top3 list..hell yeah!
ok,i watched this film with my schoolmate and we r very excited to watch how they present this movie coz the poster n trailer are really inspiring us.Siap g skolah(time to lpas habis spm) n promote kt ckg*bfore tgk citer ni*."Cikgu,ktorg nak pergi tgk wayang cerita
INTELEKTUAL SERAM ni.."lololololol..lpas tgk citer ni with our own eyes,rasa berdosa sgt2 kt ckg ktorg sbb dh mnipu dorg.Imagine this,xsampai 15min tgk cerita ni tiba2 nmpak benda hitam panjang terjuntai drp atas kepala dorg..apetuh?hantu ka?rambut terbang ka?ataupn piring terbang?It's their damn mic at the scene n the scene is the serius one ok!i only expect this from mesia pny production tp rupa2nya US pn ada yg mcmni.Not once ok kwn2..4-5x aku nmpak mic tu terjojol keluar n aku tnjuk kt member aku.."weh,ko nmpak tak kt atas kepala dorg?".."Ah SHIT!!" membe aku jwb.1lg igtkn dorg nk bgtau sbb ape tragedy tu brlaku,tp rupe2nye dorg kata "still unknown source but MAYBE by the wind" ah,commonla,we r not sitting there watching ur movie to get the result 'MAYBE' stuck inside our head until forever!

2.Kapten Kit

Sorry,dh puas google,last2 gmbr ni je yg,both of them r the actor n actres in thid siries.Aku penah tgk 2x citer ni..1 kt umah nenek n 1lg sbb masa tu mmg ngada2 nk tgk..huhu.So,kapten kit ini adalah org yg sygkan alam sekitar mcm aku..TAPPPPII,kenapa dia mcam 'mat pet' je ea?..rmbut cam sabut kelapa plak tu..1lg,kostum dia yg kaler oren n nmpak mcm org yg jg highway lmbai2 bendera merah kalau ada construction tu,aku igt mula2 kuasa dia ni ialah boleh brdiri 10jam kt tengah panas sbb jaga jln raya..tak ketinggalan jgk dgn Kit si hero ni yg boleh bercakap menggunakan bmelayu yg skema.aku paling benci dgr alat dia tu brcakap..mcm kak kiah sidai kain.xmasuk langsung dgn situation.Pastu ade jgk 2org kwn kpd hero ni yg perangai lurus bendul.biasala tu,supporting character yg HARUS ada.Watak2 ni klu xde pun aku rasa lg ok kot sbb drp mngadap nk selamatkn 2org manusia bodoh ni,baik ko g tanam pokok..kata earth lover kn.Aduh..tak matang langsung!

1.Pepaya dia citer yang paaaling aku benci setakat hayat aku smpi skrg..sbb apa?sbb melampau2 bodoh dan tak masuk akal.dahla dlm group cerita AKSI so that basically means yg this story is a serious kind of movie.myb lawak sket2 tu cun kot,tp ni lawak dah smpi tahap bodoh gila baban.prnah skali,me n my frens(sunway!!) going out for dinner n this drama was on show..i dunno y the restaurant owner bukak cerita bodoh ni.So ktorg ada sorg kawan from africa n suddenly after watch a few mins while waiting for our food he asked 1 of my frens "Dude,is this story for kids?"lol..malu x?ktorg jwbla "YES" dia tny lg knp cerita ni tayang waktu prime mcmni..(pkul 9mlm) so ktorg pun diam jela.First time tgk,I'm very confused what is the ability of this hero so,ooh..kat tangan!!.tul x?tp cuba korg tgk tangan hero sampah!dorg nk tunjuk yg kuasa hero dia ni tletak pd tgn,so of course org akan paling tumpu kt tangan la tmpt tumpuan tu yang dorg buat paaaling sampah skali.Mcm sambil lewa je.Hey,cmmonlah,i know myb the production xcukup duit utk buat bg nmpak lagi real,tp xkan la u guys lack of crew yg kreatif kot.Kata industri seni ni luas la,bercabang sini sana..xkan xde specialist kot..!lagi satu,hero dia pasal bengap sangat dlm citer ni?pak pandir lg cerdik aku rasa.aku tgk skali je citer ni,pastu tiap kali klu bukak tv ade citer ni terus tutup sbb tension plak tatau pasal.

Ok..thats all my lists for top15 of the most frustration flick i ever watch.Aku tahu,dorg ada hak berkarya dan masing2 ada pendapat n kelebihan masing2..sorry kpd sape2 yg mungkin minat apa yg aku xsuka kt atas ni .U have my reasons y n its up to u to think otherwise..Aku pun ada hak jugak nk tentukan apa aku suka dan xsuke kn kn??,jgn ada yg terlebih emo plak nnt orait?

p/s: orang kata cerita niyang rapik sesuai digantikan dgn niyang merepek..tak taula sbb xtengok lg..:)

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