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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Loving Companions

Shirt colour: Black
mood: Delightful
song: Imma be-single (b.e.p)
on my right: hard disk syafiq
on my left: my chair

Oh God..please help me to find one~~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ekspedisi Tuan Rumah

Shirt colour: Blue
mood: tired..sleepy..
song: quiet mode~~
on my right: my wallet
on my left: air cond controller

Wow!! is the most tiring day i could say sbb since 7.30am until this moment 00.42 am,i'm having such a busy day..*plus posting this entry* well, since aku takde menda lain nak post except a few silly draft having in my list,*'s silly* so, here are just some random pics and story about what i'd done for today..


This is not the usual time i wakeup from sleep ok..impossible..but only for today!

Gerak pergi ke Lambir..
yg join aku,kash,miqdad,fahmi,daus,tajul,mamat,hafiz,nodon,amin,prem,nizwan, n ringgo..yeah..ckup 13orang..

Sampai2 je terus tracking masuk hutan..menuju ke destinasi yg xberapa nak jauh..the best thing was...i'm wearing jeans for tracking..hell yeah!! thanks to Prem coz willing to help me
to bring my's not that heavy,it's just not comfortable for me coz my jeans had failed me..


approximate time we reached after dah smpi,terus tracking smpi la jmpe kwsan air terjun no 1..apetah nama dia aku pun dah,apalg..bikin onar la kat situ..


Gerak balik..before we arrived home, we stop for lunch at Banana Leaf..damn hungry...!!
U know what..the food here is awesome and cheap!! u guys might want to try to eat here n believe me,no regret..


Finally, smpi jgk ke rumah..dan..bumm..zzzz



Bersiap pulak utk dinner at Park City Hotel..with Adli,Zul and Prem..we get free a free dinner buffet set for winning the 1st prize on Curtin Race like 2 weeks before..woohoo~~

Well,that's all for sum's damn tiring day..but i'm having a lots lots lots of fun..thanks guys for inviting me to join this trip..lain kali kita pergi mandi manda lg ea..!!

p/s : Just left 1 more week before the class started..well,kena pulun hbis2san mcmni..!!

Tuan Rumah