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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Aku susah nak mencarut,tapi...

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Hi..salam to all..

first,i want to ask u..

What u'll do if u're obviously sitting at others ppl table *which their bags n stuff r clearly laid on that table*which seems empty bcause mybe the persons are going somewhere for a moment n suddenly they return to that place n notice u already have their seat.
If u're matured enough to become a degree's student, u definitely will lift ur butt n move away from that f**kin place or at least if u don't have any other place to go, just ask their permission to seat together with them. No problemo for me..

No need to attend moral class to get this idea right?

But, this "assume-knowledge" skill *odd way to say this, i know* didn't work with this rude-fat-ass-ignorant-chinese-guy. I'm not try to be a racist here okay.If u think i do, so wht??.Ok,this situation is not happening to me, but i'm the witness n the unlucky person to get stuck with this rude-fat-ass-ignorant-chinese-guy is my friend.

What actually happend..?

Okay..well, my friend already booked the place to study at one of this study area at our "beloved" campus. But we planned to leave our things behind bcoz we wanna go bck for prayer and bath so after tht we cn just cntinue study at tht place. But suddenly, when we return, there is one guy who we don't know him at all is sitting at our place. Yes, it's a big deal because if u're Curtin student, then u'll know how troubled we r in order to find a seat to STUDY at that area. So, this guy,pretending he didn't notice my friend stuffs placed on that table n without any sense of guilty *because stealing the only best spot* he just continuing his works despite my friend already standing nxt to him. This guy not even lift his big-head up n acting very self-important!

Lastly, to not make up any issue, so my friend just grab his stuffs n share a table with me. But this f**k-face guy still didn't show any sense of guilty for wht he just did. Who cares if u very busy with ur revision for the finals coz we have papers too. God damn u!

Ok guys, i admit i take this thing too serious but do u want to know y?


5 orang ketuk pintu:

me said...

bang.. selfish satu l..

jumaat_asar said...

buleh2..nnt aku bungkus elok2 n campak kt depan umah ko..aku bagi free..aku tanak pon..

lyanne37 said...

semua org sensitive and emo time2 nak exam ni..

and selfish gak. huhu. wat to do. sabar je la..


haha. pergh. nape x tego org tu elok2 dlu mcm "excuse me, this is my place" haaa. haha.

memule mmg mcm x kesah time part die x hangkat kepala langsung tu bikin berapi.... siot. je..

jumaat_asar said...

dah kalau org dah bdiri kat sebelah pun xkan xpaham2 lagi kot..aku xkesah psl tempat tu dia nk duduk,sbb myb dia dh mmg xde tmpt nk pegi,tp ape slhnye kalau dia senyum sikit ke,say sorry ke..sejuk gak hati ni..

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