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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Shirt colour: Takpakaibaju
mood: exhausted but enjoyed!
song: Bourgenvilla-spring
on my right: a mug
on my left: Aircond controller

someone really has eaten this bread!

Good for your teeth!

Birds looooove nestle..haha~~

Don't believe everything u see..

They're in the middle of something!

This kid really believe he just saw a UFO




F**k..where is my goggle!

Guess how "small" this glass could be?

Stare for 30secs and you can go to bed!

Help this kitty please!


There's no end!

Hmm..i also still try to understand this pic well

Wavy wave..

I also have give me your hand bitch!

This is awesome!!

Ouch! one dare to walk at the "illusion" pavement

Batman and Robin

If everyone understand the meaning behind this picture,the world will definitely be the best place to stay..

Modern car park pattern.

So,this is how 'Windows' got its name

Man vs Tank

Some of this pictures really undescribable..

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mehmed said...

nice pic joe..
ada gak yg 1st time tengok

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