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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The reasons i'm not smiling

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First of all, i'm not writing this because I don't like to study or to b a university student. Whoever in this world doesn't feel like being a student is the best moment in his/her life I can put them as a loser or real dumbass! even Spongebob and Patrick also like to study maa..But somehow there are certain things that badly spoil my mood while becoming a student of my University(ask me!).It has been almost 2years i'm in Cur*** and I believe this issues are not recent and I almost sure, it will never can be adjusted as long as there are still mafakka(s) from the management side who will always trying to carry on with their shitty plan and so making the student's life even sucks than u can imagine! I swear to u, I can imagine 4-dimensional plane even more clearer than this is!

So,back to i list up 5 top fuckin' hot issues in Curtin and the drat become bummer when the number getting smaller..

5. Transportation.

I mean the bus..not for those who can afford to have their own car or motorcycle. Well, i'm not sure either the bus driver who purposely not following the bus trip schedule or the management who keep on changing the bus time schedule without the students well-informed about it..for example, the bus suppose to arrive at 2pm (in schedule) but not once I'd to wait until 1/2hour for the bus to come. You're lucky enough if ur lecturer willing to understand ur lateness but for those lectures who hate to c the students coming late to his/her class, hahh,I advice better u're not coming to the class at all.Well, this scenario doesn't siding we as the students because we will be accused to be late because of this and that attitude.Everything will be pointed at us at the end no matter how hard we're trying to,do we have a chance to speak?hurmm..i dun think so!

I like the design though

4. Cafeteria.

Homaigodddd...cafeteria in Cur*** is really in a deep serious problem. One word is just enough for me to tell u about the cafeteria.. BOO-RING!! the food choices, environment, stalls, prices,sound system..everything about the cafe is just boring.This place is supposed to be the place where all the students can chill out after finish their class or waiting for the next class right?but sincerely for me, if u don't have any friend to accompany u to the cafe a.k.a u're a lonely loser,u'll feel like u're in the hospital area and u'll start to fall sick! But, thank god, only this sem, I can c there's life band's performance by the music club.At least u can enjoy some music while u eat rite?but other than that, there's nothing much change about the price and the food's quality..eeeeeeiiii!!

3. Conducting an event.

Don't ask me about the procedure bcause it is a common thing no matter how small or big the matter.From meeting the U.S.A president until u want to pee also u must follow a procedure my dear. The matter in Cur*** is when u want to organize for an event, u have to work with this professional-by-name team.There once I've being apart of the committee to conduct for an event in our campus.We already hand-in the proposal for this event and we clarify what we need and asking for their support for certain things.I also make a few follow-up to ensure they keep updated about our event but by the time when our event was just about the next day to be held, Tang!!
The Technical staff: I'm sorry, the P.A systems that u're asking cannot be used because of some technical problems. or

The guard : Sorry, sik boleh on aircond ya..sebab sik ada apa2 arahan dari pihak atasan. or more serious cases,

The sexy lady from the counter: Sorry, I lupa where i put the mics and white screen..hurm,mybe tomorrow I can find it for u..


2. Study Area

Everytime the exams period closer, this study area must be filled with students who coming to make some revisions by their own. Yes, I totally have no objection with this scenario because me too prefer to stdy at the campus during the tuition free week. Sometimes me and my frens will be in campus from morning to evening or we go to campus during night hours and this is where the annoying scenario always happen. students are not allowed to be in this area after past 12am! hello..if it's not the exam week we students can understand the reason we shuld not be around in campus until late,but it's common for student to be in campus until late hours during exam week rite?isit sound abnormal to u? when i was in Sunway during my foundation yrs, we were allowed to stdy in campus until 3am okay!! and the environment on that time was really encouraging because there were so many students at the study area.I do really miss that moment very much bcause here in Curtin u hardly can c the campus looks so alive if u know wht i mean. Huhh..I dunno what is the problem with the management itself like they never been a student in the years back! it's not only the students are not allowed to stay in the campus until past 12am, the library also will be closed at 10pm, they will turn-off the aircond so let the students feel like study in HELL!.

1.Housing service.

Yaahhhh..this is my number 1 list among the things that i hate in Curtin! They treat students like we don't have a brain to understand well that they're trying to using students (esp. scholars) to get 'free money'.By what methods? sesuka hati charge us with unreliable amount of access bill, penalty and whatsoever. By what i understand, the housing will cover RM50 for our bill per matter how genius u are managing ur electric usage, u will still have to pay some amount for what they call your access bill..WTF rite? ok,consider me and my roommate sharing the same room and both of us will received the same amount of access bill for instance RM30 per person.So in total RM60 plus with RM100 for what they said they already cover for us.Total up is RM160 per room per month..for using what??aircond,light and current supply for our laptop,charger and printer..that bullshit laaa..seriously not make any sense at all! even back in my house the max the bill can reach is around rm200.but this for a whole house usage.But in Curtin they charged u per room! the best part is, even u going back to ur hometown for ur sem break,it is still possible u'll get to pay ur access bill for god sake! they like to play with all this thing because they know we scholars don't have any options rather than to pay the amount that they charged us since we will not be able to view our result bcause this mafakka will make sanction for those who are not paying and so we will not be able to send our result to our sponsorship unit and therefore we will no received our next allowance! plus, they know our sponsors will never allowed us to stay, this game will continuously ruled by them until there are no more students who are willing to stay with them anymore..I can't wait to c that gonna happened!

Yupp..that's all for now..feel quite better for the moment..fuuuhhh!

Will write again soon!

p/s: Happy ramadhan to all my muslims friends! sorry for the foul language's me by the way n still trying to b a better person,insyallah..

2 orang ketuk pintu:

lyanne37 said...

sabar ye joe.. Im amazed I can stand all that up till now. Hehe..

neway, lupa ke about storage house? hehehe =P

They may have certain reasons for doing thing, but honestly for me, they really need to improve the way they do things and prioritize more on the welfare of the students

jumaat_asar said...

yah..pasal storage tu pun same case jgk..saja nak ambik kesempatan kat student!

whatever reasons they're using to create this thing just unreliable laa yana..i mean they just too 'excited' to charge students with this and that but they forgotten the role of the university itself whreby to provide a better place for students to stdy..asyik pk bisnes jer..cara nak kaut soal pelajaran,facilities hampeh..grrrr..

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