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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A lame clock sound

Shirt colour: black
mood: sleepy
song: I need you now-Lady Antebellum
on my right: books
on my left: tabung

Tik..tok..tik..tok..after a week the new semester has started and my classes begin supremely BOoRING.Even with only 3units I still got clashes with my classes..nice job Curtin!

Stupid things remain:

  • The thick smoke!..SHITTT..I really want to know who's the dumbest among the dumbass ppl that making it. I wonder y no one amongst the local resident in Senadin report this issue to ADUAN RAKYAT bcoz it seems to me like all the problems that caught into their attention(media) will be entertained faster n easier by the authority..well,that's how it works nowadays rite?Or mayb local ppl here r reaaaalllyyy loves to see this place covered with those fumes so they really feel like they're live at overseas.MORON!!

  • Well,this Uni is getting over my nerves again..this time they said i'm not enrolling with 1 of my unit so i have to re-enroll once again..wadefakwithurass??!! do u know how finical the procedure can be? well, easy dude..i just need to fill up the bloody form and make appointment with our beloved HOD who is always not at his desk! i was like finding a zebra among the zebras!..and not to mention how annoyed of me when he ask y i do this in last minutes while I just only can pretend that all of this was my fault..#%^@^!

  • Yeah..from now on i'm just a visitor when entering Curtin Village,not as the resident anymore..Well, now i know how pissed off a visitor like me when entering Curtin Village and unintentionally late from getting out.Well,new semester with new meeting..common isn't it?so,i'd a meeting(A-PLUS) regarding our upcoming event and the meeting started quite late and finished pass 10pm.So,when I reached the guard house with the other 'outsiders',we need to fill up this offense form in charged of coming out late.So, nothing to scare about n we just fill it and explain y we r late..MEETING not DATING! then,few days later..ahaa..a 'love' letter from housing department! need to explain it more?

Good things leave:

  • Sad more charming smile from Afiq,a funny laugh from Safiq,brotherly advice by Islah,nice friend like Sedut and pleasing 'sound' by Syabil..All of 'em r the great seniors ever and i will definitely pray for their success.I heard some of them get employed by petronas already..well done guys!!

  • Village!! eventhough this is someplace u can compare with a prison or a 'cage' bcoz of its absurd way of protecting the residents,but i can't help from missing all of my friends over there.I can hear Mao's speaker from my room,Miqdad calls for prayers,cooking dinner with ajis n calling Aiman,Zureen or Jiha for midnight burgers..ahh hate this!

  • No more chance to sleep until noon like before despite not many morning classes but still my biological clock here a way differ from semenanjung.

Will write again..

p/s: Aim HD for all units this semester..u definitely can do it Jumasri!

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