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Monday, March 29, 2010

Read this junk, i'll treat u a cup of coffee..

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If you guys follow this blog from the beginning * there is one* where that time i'm using the lamest layout ever *i'm starting feel cool rite now*..u will notice I write down my purposes of opening this blog is to find two of my very old bestfriends during my childhood
days..Yup, I really meant it guys.I really want to find them : Ahmad Sahil b Ahmad Adri and Che Mohd Zafri..

I didn't plan to post this entry until I found this picture while surfing the internet:

Yes..we call this friendship..

This guy, Che Mohd Zafri is my 1st friend i ever had.The 1st day i step up to school.I forgot who spoke to whom 1st, but really he is the coolest person i ever be honest, i'm very naughty boy on the planet far years back *boy,look who i turn into now guys!!* ..i like to chase the girl from behind and purposely grab their tudung and pull it until it lose from their head..hahaha~~ their fault also for not keep it proper on their head.So..the girl?of course they mad at me..but one thing for sure, Zafri is the one who will apologize to them behalf of mine.The next thing i know, the girl still can smile at me after what i've done to her..hehe..He just like my brother in school eventhough we're in the same age, the way he handle things, comforting me when i was sad, be my supporter everytime i join the school competition..everything was just too easy for him..he also smart in class u know..he won't let me behind and will try to keep me together with his pace. There once both of us arguing about something..i forgot the details but one thing i remember, i kick him on his leg and left him crying in pain! i feel the pain..coz i miss u pal..! the next day i know, he not come to class..not because he's sick..but because he's moving to another place!! his father work with the army, so he being posted to somewhere else and Zafri didn't tell me about that! maybe he was trying at someplace to inform me about his moving and stuffs, but i'm the one who just take things for granted.God gives me an amazing friend and i ruined it!!..God had punished me..I've not seen him for almost 12years..myb this is not long enough for some of you who's missing someone for 20years or more..i don't give a damn about least ur 'departure' moment ended with hugging and spirit words..but i've being left with my bestfriend with guilty, mistakes and the hardest part is love!..a friend's's ironic,but that's how the feeling merge itself. Somehow i mad at him for not letting me clearly know that he will be moving, but above all that, i blamed myself the most for not appreciate him when he was around. For God's sake, if i still have a chance to meet him again, there won't be anyone in this world would be happier as i am..I still believe that day will's only 2years of our friendship but i just felt i know him for my whole life.

Wait laa..!!

There's another 1 person i want to introduce here..he's my bestfriend during my primary school 2years later after i lost contact with Zafri.His name is Ahmad Sahil b Ahmad Adri..actually there r 3 of us merge in 1 group..haha,funny how it's sound,isn't it? We called ourself the 3D's dude..during that time, there was a very famous drama in tv about 3 bestfriend guys(DAN, DIN & DUN)..and we used their name to be our group name! ..So,there was it..Sahil= Dan, Me= Din and Paan= Dun..don't have to ask how closed we r bcoz u c how we even dare to change our name to fit ourself as one group.No one willing to do that with no reason unless ur nick name is TONG SAM PAH so u might wanna change ur name then.Me and paan didn't apart too far after each of us ended our primary school since we just live nearby and i still can meet him whenever i feel i want to lepak with him.Only that Sahil is the one who lost in track..use GPS oso cannot find him i tell u.To others, he is a shy,innocent,kind or anything synonym with 'budak baik' laa..yes he is..It's a miracle to c him talking with girls especially, and he's the one who become the imam for prayers and has the most beautiful voice when he recite the azan..*i'm not sure about now..hehe* sum up, he really a good guy, any girl out there who find urself really hard to find a religious mate, i suggest u to ask for his number from me now! hahaha~~ i still remember his lame jokes sometimes and a good friend will always laughed when your friend r trying to make a joke eventhough u know it's crap and lame and more yukss than,i play a role! *wink* 3 of us are the prefect in school and we always can go out for break earlier than other students so anytime, anywhere DAN DIN DUN will stick together *except if 1 of us want to pee, we let he settled by himself*. So, 10 years i lost track on him, and finally God answering my prayer.. a beautiful sunday on 28march 2010 suddenly a guy with name AHMAD SAHIL was appear in my message box.I knew it was him earlier before i click to open the message..yes! i'm not wrong..who else in this world with that weird name who i ever know except him..tears suddenly begin to drop out from my eyes but i manage to control it..but the fact that i'm truly happy at that time r positive! i don't expect to hear from him bcoz what i'm expected is he's the one who get to hear from me..! So girls, that's why i mention u cn ask his number from me bcoz i've found him now! hahaha~~

Well, this bunch of story might seems meaningless for those of you who think that u don't have someone that u can call a friend..but i want to ask u something..Are you sure you don't have a friend??or maybe you just too ignorant to appreciate someone who cares about you..learn from my mistakes here because u wouldn't know where or when u might have a chance to meet the same person again..if you're lucky u will, but if u're not..serve u right!

p/s: Oh sorry...the title actually for my next post!!!

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bigheart4bigboy said...

ketuk2... asalamualaikum!!! :):P:D

isQ_khadijah said...

hah part yg tarik tudung gurl tu mmg btol..aku laa salah sorg mangsa nye...ahahaha..
tp kn...tak thu laa awk msih ingt sy ag ke tak...sbb dulu tym skol tak sefemes awk kot...lalalala sy laa student yg suke cr trouble..but sy da buktikn pd sume yg sy turut bly berjaya....lalalala
slm kembali my frenz...

jumaat_asar said... igt awk..khadijah..skali imbas je dh igt..ala,zaman masa kecik2 dlu semua nakal kan?tp xsemestinya jahat..tul x?tahniah la dgn kjayaan awk skrg..keep it up k.n thanks coz sudi baca blog ni..:)

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