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Thursday, September 10, 2009

15minit yg bermakna~~

Shirt colour: peach
mood: just okay..
song: Balik kampung-Sudirman
on my right: bottle
on my left: book

Hurmm..quite a long time i didn't post something in this blog coz i'm really 1000x bz momentarily..i know u must've missed me rite?hahaha..okay,since i only got 15min to spend in this writing,so i'll make it simple..
  • I just realise that ystrday is 09/09/09 after i read zureen's blog ..feel like wnt to post something special in this blog at 9.09pm(y there is no 9.99pm!!) so,it'll be my post at 9.09pm on 090909..but i could'nt make it bcoz im damn tired after balik from my special 'iftar' with afiq,shahul,mao n i just went to bed after get into my room..kroh3..
  • New look..haha..coz now i'm wearing contct lens! my glasses break with no reason..mybe it's about time bcoz my spec can be consider 'old' already..i wear it for about 2yrs (it's not that long isn't it?)..but i need to admit the frame i bought frm pasar malam for 20bucks only..muahaha..!!
  • Hey..a week to go man!!...i'm started to get delirious when i heard the song 'Balik Kampung'..lalalala~~
  • My printer (share with my roomate) really sucks laa!..hate it!!
  • Hah..i learned a new 'juwie' word from Ajis ysterday.."Like that laa you nowww..~~" u guys ever heard whose the one always use this word?(..she..)
  • Try read my hit counter on the right side's more than 10000 visitors..WHATT??!! sumpah i didn't reset or edit something..myb the counter gila kot..the day before i saw it less than 2500 how come there cn be +++ of visitors in only 24hours..cmmonlaa~~
  • Baju it necessary??
  • okay..i exceeded the time limit!..gonna going back to sleep's a comforting day to sleep btw..hehe..
  • arghh!! i can't stop..
  • Ok last word laa k..SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!

p/s: Sorry..grammar ada byk error..haha..sapa suruh xblajar BI rajin2 dulu..pdn muko!!

5 orang ketuk pintu:

kN said...

"on my right: bottle"

weyh! x pose ke?

jumaat_asar said...

alaa..botol jer..airnya xde..=)
btw,selamat hr jadi kN..

anish said...

tp pakai lens pun best kan? hehe~ :D

jumaat_asar said...

best mmg mata cepat keringla..=(

anish said...

yep, so true. lame2 nnti nk spek jugak. ^^

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