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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to be like a university student..

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Last monday our Petronas officers come to visit us here at Curtin University..few of things been discussed about and the most "audience favourite" issue was about the marriage thing..i didn't see any problem with dat since yalah..i dun have any scandals with any pet girls ......yet..haha..~~

Hmm..ok,let's forget about that matter..coz what i want to share with u guys here are far more important compared with the marriage thing..hehe..

Basically,all the things that i'm going to share here are coming from my seniors and friends during the meeting ..

So," How to be like a university student? "

Afiq :

1.Have a good relationship with ur senior :
checked!! (am i..?)

2.Be good with the lecturer :
Arghh..this is hard for engin student like me la afiq..u're lucky coz ur geo lect really treat u well!!

3.Have confident with ur work :
Yes i am!! but sometimes i can't help to copy my friend works..for guidance laa..

4.Dun get embrassed when u asked question,eventhough ppl might think it's a stupid question :
Sometimes i do ask a moron question to my lect like : "Sir, does Newton's Third Law works when we kiss someone?" or "If i boiled 1 egg in 20min,how long does it takes to boil 6 egg all together?"

5.Be humble with ur knowledge :
hopefully i am knowledgable enuf to apply this one..

Shahul :

1.Enjoy while studying :
definitely agree!! if i translate this with my own word,it would be like this "sleep while studying" coz sleep= enjoy..muahaha~~

2.Finished ur assignment on time :
Fuhh..i can say i'm good at it!!

Zureen :

Her first word : "am I a university student..?" n i was like OMG zureen u are!!

1.The actual time for study is 2 weeks before the exams :
She damn right!!hahaha~~

Ming Yee :

1. Study group (small amount of members would be ok..) :
That is what i do when the exam's coming...

2.Play hard,study hard :
this time she compared the situation while playing futsal and while's like how hard u're trying to score the goal,it must be that equal amount of spirit while u're stdying..btw,i nvr seen Ming Yee playing futsal before, but i always see her stdy like she knows nothing!..

3.Same like Shahul...finished all ur work on time!!

Shafini :

1.Be humble :
Yes i am..hehe..

2.Share our knowledge with friends who r a lil'bit slow :
This point is the best to me so far bcoz yalah..xbestla if we celebrate our graduation without our friends rite?n nobody wanted to be left behind.. it's our responsibility to grab their hand along with us..

Yana :

1. dun be procrastinate witn ur work :
ahaa..okay this is also applicable to A-plus comitee members for current post..Ok Mrs president!!haha..~~

2.Pay full attention in class : lecturer boring aa?btw,we always tend to put the blame on other ppl don't we?sigh~~

Chendol :

1. Have the faith to our Creator..
OMG..chendoy..feels like somehow my tears begin to drop ( not bcoz i'm motivated by his word..but it's just funny..wadehal) when i heard he mentioned that..btw,what he said is totally is about honesty and study without honesty is worthless..

yup that's all..

n of course..from my P.O.V;

To be a university student u must first:

1.finished ur secondary school and get the qualification to enter a university.
2.left ur "childish" stuff behind and behave like a matured person..u know what i mean don't u?
3.First thing first..get urself ready mentally and physically before ur 1step to class
4.Just be urself and aim for the better..

still got many,but it just something that similar with ur thoughts..(i'm lazy btw..)


p/s : Cuti..selamat bercuti...!!

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auummm said...

How bout u joe? how to be a uni student?

lyanne37 said...

ouh. yea. and ur in the committee as far as i could remember.. right.?
haha. siaplah. lepas raya ni byk la korang.. get ready la ye.. hahaha

jumaat_asar said...

aummmm: tu yg last skali tu..baca la..

yana: tula,xsabar nak tgk kepimpinan sorg wanita..cewahh~~

ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

so sume nyer kena blaja la?


xde e tips lain yg xkena blaja


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