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Monday, August 10, 2009

I Lost Hope..

Shirt colour: yellow
mood: i'm full
song: Plane-jason Mraz
on my right: wallet
on my left: songs lyrics

  • I still waiting for my job application result..seems like i've miss the post i wanted..*sigh*..nvr mind,at least i've done my is not my priority nw..monthly allowance still enuf for nw..though,i still want the job coz i try so hard to get it=(
  • I want to thank someone who helped me alot during my 'heart-broken' feelings which i face rite now..i know you can't do anything about it,but yes,u still there when i need ur shoulder to cry on..thanks alot pal..u know who u are=)
  • I keep asking myself where's the part that went wrong untill someone who suppose to be by my side when i need it dissapeared..i know tht i might have done some mistakes at some part..but at least tell me coz i dun knw which part it is=(
  • I called mama n ibu yesterday..i tell them i already knw how to cook several meals rite nw..they kinda shocked at first coz they know i'm really lazy at home and plus,i even dunno how to differentiate between salt and sugar untill i taste it..(isn't this the only way to classify them??)..
  • I really glad to hear mama n ibu voices from the phone..yes i am!..i just realise they must've missed me so much since i nvr called them from the 2nd day my step at Miri after finishing my semester holidays..what a bad son i am..hurmm
  • I see her online this evening..i really i buzz her ym,n i write something to ask about her health n saying that i missed her so reply..quiet..then few minutes later she signed out from ym..then i called her..i get it..but she didn't answer my phone..i dunno y..mybe she's buzy joe..calm down..let her manage herself first n after that she will get u back..
  • I dunno how to get rid of my laziness to study rite nw..i already dload all stuff from MOODLE,but this fingers just lazy to click the open button to read those stuff..lecture notes,assignments,lab work..harghh...*sleepy*
  • I guess there's no singing practice today coz now the time almost should be at 9pm as discussed bfore..
  • I want to thank to all coz u guys rocks my night ysterday n the dy before..village gathering n CIS sportsday..eventhough my Wonderpets team didn't manage to get the prize,but we actually have accomplished our mission whereby to won the volleyball no big deal to not won the tug-of-war and street soccer tournament coz we know we sucks at it except for a few of us..hehehe..sorry,i dun have camera to take a shot except with this n70 hp..unfortunately,my phone didn't work during sportsday n blur during nite..(village gathering..)hello,it's only 2mp dun't expect too much from this 2nd hnd hphone..
  • I think that would be enough for tonight..gonna watch the bigbang theory rite now..thanks to our new 'roomates'-amer syafiq- who brings all this 'brilliant' stuff from his external hrdisc..
p/s: I hope for a miracle tomorrow..night everyone!!

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lil' haikal said...

go joe...!!

you got alot of friends.. just reach out!!

We(I could consider myself in - I should hope)would be more than willing to help though some might already had.

As for her or whoyouknowitwouldbe, you should put it aside.

& as to pull up a sock, you have great friends to encourage u especially who helped u during ur so called hard time.

Ur job in campus?... can try CTR =3

Hope is never lost. ade je kat celah2.

Anonymous said...

i agree with chong

hope wil never lost.. ade je kat celah2 :P

well friend, do take care of urself coz everyone is care bout u..

things will get better


may ur wish to see the miracle tomorrow comes true :D



jumaat_asar said...

thanks to both of you..actually some part of myslf has missing..i still find it n i'll try to fix it.seriously i'm working on it..

sometimes it's very hard for u to find wht is ur mistakes if u dunno where u went wrong rite?i just feel like i'm a dumb ass who wait n keep waiting for somebody that i'm not sure will turns out..

but yes,u guys true,i still got friends..plenty of friends out there to reach..but as for nw,i prefer to keep things with myself coz i dun want to trouble anyone esp. the one who i called friend..=)

lil' haikal said...

it wont be troublesome if people are more than willing.

perhaps try get help from those u are comfy with - ajis, i can assure u that he is a very the very the very the very good listener.

i hope i could be more helpful, but...

p/s: work in ctr, dpt baju free

Anonymous said...

eh eh

sapa kata menyusahkan

itulah namanya kwn :)


ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

so how?

how ape aku pon tatau

btw, linked

i'm ano said...

i know what r u feeling cz i'm feeling the same thing now.
yea, it does hurt when we keep waiting for something..
it does hurt to feel ignored by the people we loved..

just take it easy joe, at least u know u still have friends around u..

Anonymous said...

go joe..
aku suke comment chong: hope ade kat is so true...reach out and u will find a miracle joe...hehhe

"mybe a fried of urs"

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